Chapter 4.23, Generation 4

Chapter 4.23

Hailey I knocked on the door of the bridal suite where Dakota was getting ready with a red box in my hands. The earring. "Come in." "Hi sweetheart," I smiled and held back tears, I was so proud, "look at you, you look beautiful." "Mom, I'm not even dressed yet." "I've got something for you,… Continue reading Chapter 4.23

Chapter 4.21, Generation 4

Chapter 4.21

Dakota "Hey there, fiance," I greeted Trevor when he got home from work and put my iPad down on the side table to give him a kiss. "Hi, beautiful. How was your day?" "Good, yours?" "Busy, I'm exhausted. I'm gonna go take a shower." "Hold on one minute. I want to talk to you about… Continue reading Chapter 4.21

Chapter 4.20, Generation 4

Chapter 4.20

Dakota "You should get this necklace, Nora," I said looking at the jewelry in Patricia's wedding boutique. Nora leaned closer to get a better look, "this is beautiful, can I see it up close?" she asked Patricia and she took it out from behind the glass. "Of course," the lady handed her a diamond necklace,… Continue reading Chapter 4.20

Chapter 4.19, Generation 4

Chapter 4.19

Dakota Months went by and before we knew it, we celebrated our first year together. It was easy to remember since it happened on a Halloween night."I want to take you somewhere for an extended weekend to celebrate our anniversary," Trevor said while we were eating dinner, "can you take next Friday off?" "Hmm, where… Continue reading Chapter 4.19

Chapter 4.18, Generation 4

Chapter 4.18

Trevor Dakota and I moved to Nora's old apartment about a month after they announced their engagement. Luckily we didn't have to spend too much money on furniture since she left a lot of things behind. Dakota was unpacking some plates and glasses we bought along with pots and pans. Even thought we were kind… Continue reading Chapter 4.18

Chapter 4.17, Generation 4

Chapter 4.17

A/N: This chapter contains nudity and sexual content. 18+When they made love, Dakota felt a connection she never felt before. Everything they did, every kiss, every touch, every move was natural. She didn't have to think about if it's the right time, if it's the right man. She enjoyed every second of it. When it… Continue reading Chapter 4.17

Chapter 4.16, Generation 4

Chapter 4.16

A/N: This chapter contains nudity and sexual content. 18+ "I can't believe it's almost the end of October," Nora said when she was looking at the calendar on the desk in her new office. Nora was moved to the fourth floor and once she settled in on her new position, she made Dakota her assistant… Continue reading Chapter 4.16

Chapter 4.15, Generation 4

Chapter 4.15

It was a work day like any other, until the phone on Nora's desk rang. She listened for a few seconds and then said, "ok, I'll be right there." She stayed seated behind her desk for a while until she caught Dakota's attention. "What's up?" she asked and stopped typing. "Mr. Walton wants me in… Continue reading Chapter 4.15