Chapter 4.11, Generation 4

Chapter 4.11

First week at the new job was a little challenging but luckily, Dakota quickly made a friend who was helping her adjust. Her name was Nora Waters. Nora was a shy girl with glasses and her hair always in a bun. She was an assistant of the main reporter of Hillside Daily, the same reporter… Continue reading Chapter 4.11

Chapter 4.10, Generation 4

Chapter 4.10

Dakota spent over three hours in the library typing her resume using all the notes and advises from Dean and applying for dozens of all different jobs. She was especially interested in a photographer position in local newspaper. She never thought about it before but when she read the job description she realized that it… Continue reading Chapter 4.10

Chapter 4.06, Generation 4

Chapter 4.06

Dakota drove all night. WELCOME TO HILLSIDE, the sign read. She finally decided to stop, fill up her tank and get something to eat. "Good morning, miss," the older lady at the diner right next to the gas station greeted her, "what can I get for you today?" "Good morning. I'll have blueberry pancakes and… Continue reading Chapter 4.06

Chapter 4.05, Generation 4

Chapter 4.05

A/N: Adult language."No," both Martha and Kyra said at the same time. "Ok, I'll be right back." Dakota asked her two best friends to assist her with picking the right wedding dress. She asked them to be a hundred percent honest and they were doing a great job at that. At least fifteen dresses later,… Continue reading Chapter 4.05

Chapter 4.02, Generation 4

Chapter 4.02

"I'm off to school, are you coming?" "Nah," Dylan answered paying a little attention to his girlfriend. "You've been skipping school since we moved in, Dylan." "So? High school's basically over, babe. We graduate in less than a month." "Whatever. See you later, then." Dakota left the apartment alone. Again. They moved in together over… Continue reading Chapter 4.02