Chapter 4.23, Generation 4

Chapter 4.23

Hailey I knocked on the door of the bridal suite where Dakota was getting ready with a red box in my hands. The earring. "Come in." "Hi sweetheart," I smiled and held back tears, I was so proud, "look at you, you look beautiful." "Mom, I'm not even dressed yet." "I've got something for you,… Continue reading Chapter 4.23

Chapter 4.21, Generation 4

Chapter 4.21

Dakota "Hey there, fiance," I greeted Trevor when he got home from work and put my iPad down on the side table to give him a kiss. "Hi, beautiful. How was your day?" "Good, yours?" "Busy, I'm exhausted. I'm gonna go take a shower." "Hold on one minute. I want to talk to you about… Continue reading Chapter 4.21

Chapter 4.20, Generation 4

Chapter 4.20

Dakota "You should get this necklace, Nora," I said looking at the jewelry in Patricia's wedding boutique. Nora leaned closer to get a better look, "this is beautiful, can I see it up close?" she asked Patricia and she took it out from behind the glass. "Of course," the lady handed her a diamond necklace,… Continue reading Chapter 4.20

Chapter 4.06, Generation 4

Chapter 4.06

Dakota drove all night. WELCOME TO HILLSIDE, the sign read. She finally decided to stop, fill up her tank and get something to eat. "Good morning, miss," the older lady at the diner right next to the gas station greeted her, "what can I get for you today?" "Good morning. I'll have blueberry pancakes and… Continue reading Chapter 4.06

Chapter 4.05, Generation 4

Chapter 4.05

A/N: Adult language."No," both Martha and Kyra said at the same time. "Ok, I'll be right back." Dakota asked her two best friends to assist her with picking the right wedding dress. She asked them to be a hundred percent honest and they were doing a great job at that. At least fifteen dresses later,… Continue reading Chapter 4.05

Chapter 4.03, Generation 4

Chapter 4.03

A/N: Adult language."What are you doing here?" "A mother can't visit her daughter in her new apartment?" "A mother can. Not you. Why are you really here?" "Look, Dakota. You win. You made your point, you can move back home now." "I win?" Dakota lets out a laugh, "you think it's a game? This is… Continue reading Chapter 4.03