Chapter 2.20, Generation 2

Chapter 2.20

A/N: Content in this chapter may be disturbing for some viewers.Couple days later Dale walked into his daughter's bedroom where his wife was laying on the bed in her night gown as she always did. She didn't even change her clothes anymore and only left the bedroom to use the bathroom or get something to… Continue reading Chapter 2.20

Chapter 2.19, Generation 2

Chapter 2.19

Cameron was sitting in his bedroom with the headset on so he wouldn't hear his parents fighting again. Playing video games was his way to escape the reality of his family falling apart right in front of his eyes. Becca and Dale weren't able to have a normal conversation anymore. Becca was always angry. Not… Continue reading Chapter 2.19

Chapter 2.18, Generation 2

Chapter 2.18

A/N: This chapter contains adult language. "You have the appointment with doctor McCarthy at ten o'clock, do you want me to come with you?" Dale asked hopeful. "I'm not going, I told you to cancel it." "We canceled the last four appointments, Becca. You need to talk to someone." Becca slammed her cup of coffee… Continue reading Chapter 2.18

Chapter 2.17, Generation 2

Chapter 2.17

Being back home wasn't any easier. Seeing Caitlin's things and pictures on the wall from when she was just a baby wasn't helping Becca to get better. But she kept torturing herself by spending all days and nights in her little girl's room. She deserved it, it was her fault her baby girl was gone,… Continue reading Chapter 2.17

Chapter 2.14, Generation 2

Chapter 2.14

"Thank you for having us over, what time is Barney getting home?" "That's a good question, they are really short staffed at the hospital so he often has to work double shifts," Elena said and looked at the phone that started ringing in her pocket," that's him, one second." "He's gonna be at least an… Continue reading Chapter 2.14

Chapter 2.12, Generation 2

Chapter 2.12

Time was flying as it always does and soon Carissa returned from the boarding school just in time to celebrate Caitlin's third and Cameron"s eleventh birthday. Too bad she will have to leave again right after summer to go to college. But Caitlin and Cameron weren't the only ones who had an upcoming birthday. Becca… Continue reading Chapter 2.12