Chapter 4.39, Generation 4

Chapter 4.39


Dear Diary,

I’ts been almost a week since me and my boyfriend Kevin started dating. He kissed me for the first time right here, it this pergola. It was so romantic. It was definitely the best moment of my life so far.

Caroline is finally coming today and I can’t wait to introduce him to her. All three of us and some of his friends will go to the lake and hang out. I really hope that Kevin and Caroline get along sine they are both very important to me. I would be

“Emma,” my mom yelled, interrupting my writing, “Caroline is here.”

I jumped up of the chair and ran to the front of the house to hug my best friend. It’s only been two weeks, but to me, it felt like a year, since we usually see each other every day.

Caroline and her parents got out of their car and Caroline started running towards me, hugging me tightly, “I missed you!”

“Oh my God, I missed you too. I have so much to tell you.”

“I want to hear every detail about your new boyfriend.”

“You will meet him today. He and his friends will meet us later at the lake beach.”

“does he have any hot friends?” Caroline lowered her voice so the adults can’t hear her.

“I don’t know, I haven’t met them yet. Anyway, I only care about Kev.”


Everyone is coming to celebrate 4th of July, which is tomorrow. I personally only cared about seeing my grandfather, I enjoyed spending time with him the most. He always says I’m an old soul. We can spend hours playing chess without talking. That’s what I like about him. He didn’t need to talk all the time. He is fine with just being there. Sometimes we have great conversations, but when we don’t, we’re ok with it.

Melissa is kind of like that, too. I guess that’s why she is my best friend, rather than any of the guys from my school. Sometimes we just sit on the beach, listen to the waves and wait for the sunset. Then there are days, when we won’t shut up about movies and TV shows, books we read or annoying teachers and siblings.

When aunt Martha with her family and my grandpa finally arrived, I came out on the deck where everyone was already socializing. I wasn’t a big fan of those get-togethers. People always have too many questions about my life.

“Emmett,” Nora was excited to see me and didn’t disappoint with her following question, “how are you enjoying the summer? You must be missing Melissa.”

“It’s alright,” I said briefly and kept walking, basically ending the conversation right there.

I took a seat next to my grandpa, which didn’t surprise anyone. My mom loved how close we were and I think my dad was a little jealous of our close relationship.

The thing with my dad is that we don’t really have a lot in common. He is the manly type of guy that can fix anything, cars especially, but when there is a leaky faucet, he knows how to fix that too. That is a skill I absolutely admire, but I will never be handy like he is. I can tell it’s kind of disappointing to him. He used to ask me to help him with the old car he has in his garage, but eventually he stopped.

I love playing chess, watch the stars through my telescope, my favorite subject in school is biology. Our worlds are really far apart. I love my dad very much, but when it comes to hobbies, my grandpa wins.

“I hope you were practicing, young man,” grandpa teased.

“You have no idea, I’m gonna get you this time, old man.”

He laughed and friendly patted my back.


When we arrived to the beach, it took us a while to find a good spot with enough room for everyone, not being too close to other people. I spread my towel on the sand, sat down and watched the water. There were some people swimming and a couple of kids playing near the shore. The slight breeze felt good on my skin, it was a really hot day and there was no better way to spend it than by the lake.

“Where is your girl, Kevin?” Robert asked an mimicked kissing.

“You’re an idiot,” I gave him an annoyed look and threw my t-shirt at him to shut him down, “she’s coming soon with her friend so please, be nice! Especially you, Leah.”

Leah scoffed and rolled her eyes while spreading sunblock on her arms and shoulders. She wasn’t a bad person, but she was kind of a bully sometimes.

Kyle, Leah’s boyfriend, picked up the frisbee he brought and found a spot with enough space for us to play.

They have been dating on and off for about four years now. They both come here every year for summer and every year they are together, but once they leave, they are both dating other people. I always thought that it’s cool, but lately I’ve realized that it isn’t something I’d be interested in.

“Catch, dude,” Kyle shouted. I caught the disk that almost hit me in the face and then I spotted Emmalee with her friend Caroline.

I waved at them to make it easier for them to find us.

“They’re here guys, let’s take a break.”

“Hi,” my girlfriend said shyly to my friends and gave me a quick kiss.

She was so cutely innocent. Not like the girls in my school or Leah.

After all the introductions, we were just standing around, drinking soda and chatting, when Leah proved that my worries were absolutely reasonable.

“Cute bikini,” she complimented Caroline’s bathing suite.

“Thanks, yours too,” the girl smiled.

“I’m just surprised it fits your fat ass,” Leah replied and started laughing.

Caroline covered her stomach with her arms, embarrassed, and looked down on the sand. Emmalee was stunned by what was just said and so was I.

Her friend picked up her things, jumped on the bike that was parked at the entrance and left.

“I gotta go,” my girlfriend said and did exactly what Caroline did thirty seconds ago.

I pointed my finger at Leah, ” you’re such a bitch, you know that.”

I was so angry with her.

“What did I say,” she waved her arms in the air as if she wasn’t aware that she just hurt someone’s feelings.

I went home, I didn’t feel like hanging out with them anymore and I knew, that there was no point in going over to Emmalee’s cabin right now. She will probably want to comfort her best friend.

I did text her, though. I didn’t want her to think that I am taking Leah’s side.





“Forget about that bitch,” my friend tried to make me feel better and took a seat next to me on the dock, “she obviously has a complex.”

“She was right,” I said, “look at me.”

“No, she was not!” Emmalee disagreed.

She didn’t know how I feel. She is naturally skinny, like her grandmother Hailey was. No matter what she eats and how much of it, she won’t gain any weight. I look at a chocolate bar and gain two pounds.

“Whatever,” there was no point in trying to explain myself. She would never get it.

“Let’s do something fun,” she tried again, “we can just chill in the lake here.”

“Do you really think I want to go back to wearing my bikini?”

“Why not? Girl, your body is fine! Seriously, don’g let some bimbo tell you otherwise. She was probably just jealous of your great boobs,” she slapped my shoulder friendly.

I tried, I really tried to keep a straight face, but we both burst out laughing.

“I love you, blondie,” I said when we were done laughing.

“I love you, too. Hug it out.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the lake behind the cabin, which is what we should have done in the first place. I wanted to get to know my best friend’s boyfriend, but I wanted to spend time with her more.

“How’s the job?”

“Boring, as expected.”

“You’re so grown up,” she teased me, “I can’t believe you’re going to be a senior in September. Promise you will take me to all the parties you guys are going to have.”

“I’ll think about it.”

On the 4th of July morning, Emmalee, aunt Dakota, Martha, my mom and I decorated the deck with some white, red and blue balloons and american flag. Dakota insisted we all wear these colors as well, because it will look great on the pictures she’s planning to take.

Trevor, Garret with Sam and my dad got all the food ready. Sam was so cute, he always wants so help the adults with whatever they are doing.

Emmett with his grandfather was upstairs in the family room playing chess. I don’t understand how they can be locked up inside of the house on a day this beautiful, but they always do that. Emmett hates being outside, unless it’s the deck with his telescope on it, then he will spend there all night.

There was so much delicious food. Hot dogs, burgers, steak tips, cupcakes in the colors and shape of american flag, you name it. I love barbeque so much. I could eat it all day, and unfortunately, I did. I couldn’t resist.

As I was sitting there, completely stuffed, I looked around me and realized that I am the biggest girl there, yet again.

My mom was thin and she is in her forties, so is aunt Dakota and Martha – she was actually extra skinny. Suddenly the words of the girl from yesterday sounded in my head.

Fat ass, fat ass, fat ass…

This has to stop, I thought to myself, I’m going to do something about it.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom, where I forced myself to throw everything I just age up.


“Mom,” I tried to get my mother’s attention for the third time, as she was passionately talking to Nora.

“What honey,” she finally turned to me.

“Caroline and I will be leaving, we’re not watching the fireworks here.”

Kevin convinced us to go watch the show with him and his friend Robert. He promised that Leah with her boyfriend won’t be joining us.

“What do you mean? We always watch it here, together.”

“Yea, I know. But this year we have plans, mom. We’re not kids anymore.”

My mother sighed sadly, “alright then. I guess you can go. Where are you watching anyway?”

“I don’t know. Kevin said it’s the best view in town and no one knows about it so no crowds.”

“It sounds like fun,” she smiled, “let’s take some group photos before you two leave.”

She gathered everyone, told us where to stand and then set the camera to auto mode, joining us in the picture. It took a few tries, but she was finally satisfied and I’m sure it will end up on the wall somewhere.

The guys picked us up when it started getting dark – perfect for the fireworks, and I begged my dad not to go talk to Kevin. Last time was a disaster and I can’t let Kevin go through it again. Luckily my mom talked some senses to him, probably still feeling guilty about listening behind the door the other night.

“Hey,” Kevin greeted us and took one leg down from his bike,”you look-” he paused, looking for the right word, “-festive.”

“Haha,” I said sarcastically and kept pushing my bike towards them with Caroline on my side, “blame my mom for that.”

It took us about ten minutes to get to the spot. I loved how we can ride our bikes freely here. You don’t need a car in New Lakeshire, everything is in a walking distance. The town is basically a lake with a bunch of cabins around it and one Main Street, that has a park, two big parking lots for the visitors – and there is a lot of them during summer, motel, bookstore, Starbucks, winery, pizza place and bakery. There is also a small grocery store and a gas station.

It was quite a hill, but it was worth it. We stopped on a spot with some benches and, more importantly, a gorgeous view of the lake and the island where the fireworks will be lit from.

We just hang out, waiting for the show to start. I noticed that Rob and Caroline are getting along. I was happy that she was feeling better. Despite everything, this was a great weekend.

“Guys, it’s starting,” Rob called us over and took a seat on one of the benches, “the fireworks.”


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