Chapter 4.35, Generation 4

Chapter 4.35


I picked up the kids from school early so we have enough time to get ready.

“how come we get to go home before all the other kids today, daddy?” Emmett asked curiously.

“Because we have a surprise for mommy and we have to get ready,” I explained.

“But mom is at work, “Emmalee, the smart mouth she was, pointed out.

“I know, but I talked to her boss and..”

“You mean Patricia?” she interrupted.

“Yes,” I nodded, “I talked to Patricia and she promised she will send her home early today.”

I couldn’t wait to see my wife’s reaction to the surprise I have for our tenth wedding anniversary. I’ve planned it for years and now it’s finally happening.

I packed a suitcase full of clothes and loaded it in my Jeep along with the groceries I was storing i n my garage fridge. We are ready. Now we just have wait for Dakota.

It didn’t take long and I heard her old yellow Toyota pull into the driveway. I wanted to get rid of thath car so many times but she doesn’t want to give it up. Instead she keeps making me fix it.

The kids and I sat on the couch, lookin at the fron door, patiently waiting for her to walk in.

“Hi?” she said, confused, when she saw us lined up on the sofa, “what’s going on? Why is everyone home so early?”

“We have a surprise for you, mommy,” Emmett informed her.

“You do?” Dakota raised her eyebrows and walked closer, looking at me with million questions in her eyes.

Both kids nodded. They didn’t even know what the surprise was, I couldn’t risk they will spoil it, but they were very excited just from the fact that they ca be a part of it.

“Well, where is it?” my wife asked and looked around.

“Why don’t we take a drive first,” I suggested.

“Yeaaaa,” Emmalee and Emmett scremed.

“Alrigh..?” Dakota agreed with hesitation in her voice.

Now I have to manage to keep the secret for two more hours while we drive to get there.


I had no idea what is happening or where we were going. The kis were exited, my husband was very mysterious and I just deided to roll with it. It was Friday afternoon, we had a beautiful May weekend ahead of us so wherever we were going, I was positive taht it will be fun.

I was enjoying the ride, we were far from the city now. There were tall trees lining the dirt road and montains in the distance. I put my head on the window and listened to the car humming until I dozed off.

“We’re here,” Trevor shook my shoulder gently, “keep your eyes closed.”

After he woke up the kids, he opned my door and helped me step out, coverint my eyes with his palms.

It felt good stretch my legs. I heard the kids running and giggling. I smelled the fresh air.

Trever turned me around a little bit and finally took his hands off of my face, “ok, you can open now.”

In front of me, there was a beautiful log cabin, sitting on a crustal clear lake surrounded by trees.

“What is this place?” I asked my husband who had a silly grin on his face.

“It’s our cabin.”

“Our cabin? You bought a cabin?”

“Yes!” He nodded, the smile not leaving his face, “do you remember when we started dating we rented a place like this?”

“I do,” I nodded and smiled at the memory, it feels like a century ago.

“And do you remember our plans, what we talked about on our hike?”


Trevor put his hand on my hips and pulled me closer, “we have it all now. We have a house, good jobs that we both love, beautiful healthy children, “he looked towards the lake where the kids were already exploring, “and this cabin is the cherry on the top. A place where we can go to enjoy our beautiful family.”

I started to feel emotianal. It really is a dream come true. I was so extremely lucky to find a man like Trevor, who is a real family man that loves to spend time with his children and wife.

“I love you so much,” I sighed and put my head on his shoulder. Of course I was worried about the financial part of buying another property but right now, I just wanted to enjoy this moment.

“I love you too,” he kissed the top of my head.

“Mooom,” Emmet started yelling, “there is a fish in the water! Come here!”

“We’ll go explore the lake later, bud,” Trevor said, “come check out the cabin first, it’s pretty cool.”

The interior of the cabing was absolutely gorgeous. Wooden floor, old fashioned kitchen, big fire place that will be perfect for Christmas, the back deck overlookiing the lake was the best part of it all. I can’t wait to relax there, have a cookout or just a glass of wine after the kids go to bed.

I went upstairs and overheard the conversation between my kids and my husband.

“It’s so cool, we have bunk beds!” Emmalee said exited.

“I want the top one,” Emmett quickly claimed one.

“No, I get the top one, I’m older, ” Emmalee disagreed and looked for support in her dad, “right daddy?”

“Guys, there are two bunk beds, you can both sleep on the top bed.”

I chuckled to myself.

The next morning, I was woken up by my children jumping into bed and Trevor bringing in a tray with breakfast – pancakes, french toast, croissant, coffee, orange juice. The sun was shining in through the sliding door and I couldn’t picture a morning more perfect than this.

“Happy anniversary, honey, “Trevor said and placed the tray on my lap.

“Happy anniversary, baby,” I smiled at him, “ten years, huh?”

“What’s avinersary?” Emmet asked and messed up the word in the utest way.

Trevor and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s anniversary, buddy,” my husband corrected him and then went on to explain what it means.

“So you and mommy got married before we were born? Why didn’t you wait for us?” Emmalee was upset she couldn’t attend the wedding ten years ago.

“Because that’s how it goes. Two people fall in love, get married and then have babies.”

“But I wanted to be there, can you have another one?” She wasn’t giving up.

Trevor and I exchanged looks and I think we both got the idea at the same time. Vows renewal!

Of course it would be unofficial but soemthing really fun to do with our children.

We baked a cake, Trevor put together a wedding arch from some branches he found in the forest that was surrounding us and Emmalee and Emmett decorated it with some flowers. They also made a flower band for me to wear and when the sun started setting down, we were ready.

The deck was the best place to do it and the kids were beyond excited.

“You’re so pretty mommy,” Emmalee said as she was placing the band on my hair.

“You’re even prettier, honey,” I kissed the top of her head, “ready to see mom and dad get married again?”

She nodded and picked up her flower basket since she represented the flower girl and Emmett was the ring bearer. We decided to use our original wedding bands, I found some romantic wedding music on my phone so it felt like the real deal.

Trevor held my hand in his and looked me deeply in the eyes.

“Dakota, the day I married you, ten years ago, was the best day of my life. I was full of hope and expectations and you exceeded every single one of them. Now, we are a family of four, oh five, sorry Roxy,” he looked aat our golden retriever who was patiently sitting between the kids and watching the ceremony, “and I couldn’t be happier. Than you for all y ou do for us and I pray we have many more decades to spend together. I love you.”

“Trevor, my sweet love,” I smiled through the tears that wer now finding their way down my cheeks, “you showed me what a true love is and you keep showint it to me, to us, every single day. You gave these two precious babies. Thanks to you I have the family I always dreamed about. I love you so much.”

“Kiss the bride, daddy,” Emmalee shouted and Emmet joined her, “kiss, kiss, kiss.”

To make things more excited, my husnad swept me off my feet and gave me a long kiss,. I didn’t love him any less than ten years ago we we exchanged our vows for the first time in front of our friends and family. I fact, if it’s even possible, I love him more today as we are standing her in front of our children, promising our unconditional love to each other.

Now it was time to celebrate. The weather was perfect so we could spend the rest of the afternoon out on the deck eating, laughing and dancing..

It was an eventful day and the kids were exhausted at the end of it. After we put them to bed, we opened a bottle of wine and sat on the deck, looking at the lear sky full of stars. The sky is never this clear in Hillside.

“Thank you,” I looked at tTrevor and stretched my arm towards him.

He grabbed my hand, “you deserve it.”

“We deserve it,” I corrected him. We are a team, no matter what we have to go through in life, I was confident that we will go through it together.

My husband smiled softly and gently squeezed my hand in his.

“I wish we didn’t have to leave tomorrow. I think this has been the best weekend of my life.”

“We have to leave tomorrow but we can be back next Friday. Remember? This place is ours.”

“I still can’t believe you bought a cabin,” I laughed, “you and your spontaneity.”

“Oh no, this wasn’t spontaneous. I planned this since we were dating.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Crazy about you.”

A/N: More pictures of the Morrison’s cabin here!

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