Chapter 4.31, Generation 4

Chapter 4.31


The visiting hours ended and it was just me, my sleeping husband and our newborn son who were left in the hospital room. I got comfortable in the chair, Emmett’s tiny head resting on my shoulder. I was watching his eyelids slowly closed and then open a little just to fall down again.

It was only eight o’clock but as I was sitting there in the dark room, I myself started to doze off. I was half asleep when I thought I heard someone speak.

“Hey gorgeous,” the raspy voice said.

I opened my eyes quickly to see my husband smiling at me from the bed he hasn’t left for almost four weeks.

“Oh my god, Trevor,” I stood up as fast as I could without waking Emmett up and placed him in the portable crib next to me. I quietly pulled a chair closer to Trevor’s bed.

“I’m sorry,” he started and extended his arm wrapped in a bandage to protect the burns caused by his airbag.

“Don’t be silly,” I held his hand gently and tears started to roll down my cheeks once again. This time they were happy tears, “how are you feeling?”

“Fine, I guess.”

“I should probably call the doctor or someone to take a look at you. You…you were,” I was trying to figure out how to tell him that he’s been asleep for a long time, “you were in a coma, Trev.”

“Coma?” he raised his eyebrows, “how long?”

“Twenty seven days.”

I rang the bell above his bed to call someone from the hospital personal.

Less than a minute later, a nurse named Kate walked in. I knew all of them by name by now since I spent so much time here.

She was obviously pleased to see the image, “look who finally decided to join us,” she smiled.

“He just woke up, by himself,” I was shaking my head while wiping my tears away, “can you believe it?”

“Not exactly by myself,” Trevor said quietly as if for himself.

“What do you mean, baby?”

“Nothing, nothing..”

Kate checked his reaction by pointing her little flashlight directly into his eye and moving it from one side to the other.

“Did you see someone before you woke up?” she asked him and smiled knowingly.


“It is very common for coma patients to see their loved ones minutes before they wake up. They are there to basically guide them back,” she explained.

I looked at Trevor, “did you see your dad?’

He nodded quietly, saying nothing.

“Well everything looks good but I will let the doctor know so he can run more tests.”

“Thank you so much, Kate.”

“You’re welcome and welcome back, Trevor,” she winked and left the room.

I turned back to my husband, “so tell me about how you saw your dad.”


It took another three weeks until I was actually able to go home to my family. They were weeks of physical therapy to strengthen my muscles again. I had to slowly start eating small portions because my stomach wasn’t used to food and often disagreed.

The day finally came when we could pack a bag with all the stuff Dakota brought to the hospital over the weeks and say goodbye.

My wife pulled into our driveway, turned her old yellow Toyota off and stared at me for a few seconds, “welcome home, baby.”

It felt good to be home. Finally live my life again, see my children going to bed and wake up in the morning. They were both growing up so fast, Emmett seemed to be changing every single day just like Emmalee did when she was born.

We were about to open the front door when my wife stopped me.

“Aren’t we going inside?” I asked surprised.

“We are,” she nodded, “I just…there is a bunch of people waiting for us and I wanted you for myself for a minute. I’m so happy that you are finally home with us. I don’t know what I would do if things didn’t turn out the way they did. I would..”

“Shhh,” I hugged her with one arm, leaving the one with burns hanging down along my body, “I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”

We stood there in the spring afternoon until Hailey opened the door.

“Oh here you are. Finally. We are waiting for you.”

My parents in law organized a little ‘welcome home’ gathering with our closest friends. There was food, some drinks and a cake.

Cameron fired up the grill for the first time this year. The snow from the late snow storm finally melted and the grass was looking greener every day.

Emmalee was playing on the deck with Caroline, Dean and Nora’s daughter. Emmalee finally got into the age when she can socialize with her, even though she is one year older. Roxy was supervising like the good girl she was.

Emmett was napping in the stroller that was parked next to Dakota’s chair so she can keep an eye on him while gossiping with Nora.

Martha and Hailey were talking about Sierra, Martha’s parents, who were also Hailey’s and Cameron’s very close friends, and I think I overheard Hailey asking her about kids and wedding.

At first I didn’t really want a party. I was worried everyone would be asking me about the accident, my come or rehabilitation, but they all proved me wrong. Everyone was there to see me, spend time with my family and have a good time.

These past two months were very challenging for my all of us, especially my wife, but when I looked around I realized, that we are surrounded by amazing people that will always be here for us and there is nothing more important.

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