Chapter 4.30, Generation 4

Chapter 4.30


I woke up from the anesthesia and saw my parents sitting next to my bed, my mom holding Emmalee on her knees.

“Is he…” I couldn’t even bear to finish this thought. Last thing I remember is that my baby boy had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and I had to be given anesthesia so they can perform emergency c-section.

“He’s ok, they’ll bring him in soon,” my mom assured me.

I felt relieved but my parents were quiet as if there was something else they are not telling me.

“Is everything alright?” I asked suspiciously, “where is Trev?”

They looked at each other, clearly hiding something that neither one of them wanted to tell me.

I sat up on the bed. It required a lot of effort since I was in a lot of pain from the wound on my lower belly so I hissed, “what is going on. Somebody tell me right now.”

“Honey, calm down. You have to rest,” my mom said.

“There is something we need to tell you,” my dad finally spoke even though my mom was giving him a clear signal not to. He stood up, walked over to my bed and lifted the head part up to make me feel more comfortable and then he continued “Trevor was on his way here and he had an accident.”

“Oh my God,” I covered my mount in shock, “where is he? Is he ok?”

“He’s in ICU, he hasn’t woken up yet. But he was awake when they brought him in. The doctor said he should be alright. He just need some time.”

“He should be alright? I need to see him.” I tried to get out of bed but I was too weak.

“Sweetie you can’t go there right now. I promise I will take you to him as soon as I can,” my mom promised.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks, I shouldn’t have called him when I went to labor. I should have known my sweet husband will get into his car and drive back to be here for me, no matter the weather.

“Can we come in?” a nurse gently knocked on the door and slowly opened it, pushing a portable crib in front of her.

“Of course,” my father answered and held the door opened for her.

“Are you ready to meet your son, Dakota?” she picked up my baby.

I nodded and stretched my arms to hold him for the first time.

“Hi Emmett,” I sobbed and rocked him slowly, “I’m your mommy.”

It has been two weeks since the accident and me and Emmett practically lived in the hospital room in which my husband was still asleep. The nurses here were very understanding and supportive and sometimes, when they had time, offered to take Emmett so I can take a little break.

Emmalee was staying with my parents the majority of the time and they brought her to visit every day for a few hours between her naps.

It broke my heart every time when she was sitting on top of her father, trying to wake him up.

“Wakie, wakie, daddy,” she tried again and lifted his eyelid to force open his eye. But it would stay shut every time.

Dean with Nora and Martha with Garret also visited often to check on the situation.

“No change,” was my usual answer when they asked if there are any changes in his condition.

The one thing that gave me hope was that he was breathing on his own and didn’t need any life support except for nutrition. The doctors were very positive about him eventually waking up with no side effects, but there was no saying when.

I could tell that Dean was hurting almost as much as I was, seeing his best friend lifeless on a hospital bed, not able to do anything to help him.


It was dark and quiet. It felt like I was the only person on the planet. I was walking through these hallways without a sense of time.

Was it an hour? A week or even a month? Multiple months? I had no idea.

Finally I saw a door that looked like there is light behind it, unlike all the others.

I ran towards it through the endless hallway, the green lights flickering. I started to think I will never reach it. The faster I ran, the father the door seemed to be.

When I finally opened it, the white light blinded me. I realized I am not in the maze of hallways anymore. I was outside, I felt the sun hitting my skin and then I noticed a person sitting on a bench overlooking a beautiful lake. Just like the one we visited with Dakota for our first anniversary.

As I was getting closer, I recognized him. I stopped walking to take a moment to wrap my head around it. It can’t be…

“Dad?” I exhaled in disbelieve. He looked exactly how I remembered him before he got sick.

The man turned his head to look at me and smiled, “you finally found me.”

“What are you…what’s going on…where are we?”

He patted the spot next to him, encouraging me to sit down.

I did so and we started talking. I told him all about my wife, my daughter and son on the way. I told him I opened my own car repair shop just like he did when he was my age.

He didn’t talk much, just listened, nodded and smiled.

“I have to go now and so do you, son,” he finally spoke, “my journey has ended but yours didn’t. You have to go back to the life you talk so enthusiastically about. Your wife and children need you, they are waiting for you.”

I had so many questions but somehow I knew, that he won’t give me the answers.

He opened his arms for a hug. I fell into them and held him tightly. At that moment I wished we could be together again, forever. Oh, how I miss him.

“Until we meet again,” he stood up and began walking away, towards the bright light that I saw behind the door earlier, until he disappeared inside of it. At one point it became so bright that I had to cover my face and close my eyes.

When I opened them, I wasn’t there anymore. I was in a hospital room, looking at my wife, holding a baby. My baby.

I took a few moments before I spoke. She looked so beautiful, curled up in a chair with our son.

“Hey gorgeous.”

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