Chapter 4.29, Generation 4

Chapter 4.29


I packed my bag and put it near the front door so I can grab it on my way out, after I say goodbye to my wife and daughter.

“Drive safe, honey,” Dakota said and kissed me, “we’ll miss you.”

“I will miss you too,” I returned the kiss and then bent down to her belly, “daddy will be home soon, little guy.”

I was leaving for the weekend for a car auction couple hours away from Hillside. It will be the first time since we got married we will be apart for more than one day.

“Hopefully he doesn’t decide to come out this weekend,” Dakota joked. She still had two weeks till the due date.

“Daddy bye bye?” Emmalee asked and stretched her arms up for a hug.

I picked her up and squeezed her tightly. I couldn’t express how much I loved her.

“Daddy’s going bye bye, be good to mommy, ok?” I kissed her cheek multiple times and she giggled, “I love you.”

Dakota took her from my arms and they both waved, “bye daddy, we love you.”


I was looking out of the window at the snow storm while spreading lotion on my hands.

“It’s a blizzard out there,” I said to Cameron who was already comfortably in bed, finishing his book.

“I know,” he looked up, “those are the days I miss living in Sierra.”

I slid under the blanket next to him and we fell asleep. But a few hours later, the phone woke me up. It was Dakota.

“Mom,” she breathed heavily, “I think the baby is coming.”

I could hear the pain in her voice and I knew we have to head over there.

“Cam, wake up,” I shook my husband’s shoulder to wake him up and then spoke into the phone again, “dad and I will be right there sweetie, hang tight.”

Cameron and I got dressed as quickly as possible and we were on our way. It was difficult to see through the heavy snow but we made it to our daughter’s house safely.

We entered the house and found Dakota sitting on the couch in the dark, holding her stomach.

I flipped the light switch on and walked over and helped her get up, “come on, honey. Dad’s gonna take you to the hospital and I will stay with Em. Is she asleep?”

She nodded, “mom, can you take me? Please?”

I exchanged a look with Cameron. I wasn’t ready to drive in this weather and I knew he wouldn’t let us go alone.

“We can all go,” he answered for me, “Hailey go get Em and I will help Dakota to the car.”

We pulled in front of the hospital twenty minutes later and asked for a wheelchair for Dakota so she can get a little more comfortable.

“Do you want me to call Trevor?” Cameron asked.

She shook her head, “I already called him while I was waiting for you.”

“I’ll check on him anyway, make sure he doesn’t try to get here in this weather.”

They took her in right away and she asked me to be there with her. Cameron stayed in the waiting room with our grand daughter.

I was holding her hand while she was being examined.

“We are ready to go, push Dakota.”

My daughter started pushing, holding the screams, that wanted to come out so badly, inside.

“Oh that’s not good,” the doctor said after a while, “stop, stop, stop.”

“Why, what’s going on,” Dakota asked, panicking.

“The umbilical cord is around the baby’s neck. We will have to do an emergency c-section.”

“Are they going to be alright?” I asked. I was trying to be strong for my daughter, but the truth was, I was scared to death.

“They will be fine,” the nurse tried to calm me down, “it will be best if you wait outside.”

I nodded and walked out into the waiting room and looked at my husband worriedly.

“What is it?” he asked.

“They’re doing a c-section. The cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck.”

“Oh my God.”

“Did you talk to Trevor?”

“Yes, he’s on his way. I told him to wait till the storm is over but he insisted.”

I took a seat next to Cameron and then we waited.

It felt like eternity. We watched people coming in and out of the emergency room. About an hour later the hallway filled up with doctors and nurses and they rushed in a person on a portable hospital bed.

The blood in my veins stopped flowing when I realized, that it’s Trevor and his face is covered in blood. I jumped up and ran over to him.

I was relived when I saw that he is awake.

“Haileyyy, heyyy” he smiled, “how’s Dakota.”

“She is in the delivery room. What happened? Are you ok?”

“Oh I’m great.”

The smile wasn’t leaving his face. He was obviously drugged to numb his pain.

“We have to take him, madam,” the nurse said and started to push the bed away.

“Can someone at least tell me what happened?” I demanded.

“If you’re family you can get information on the front desk.”

“We’ll be right here Trev,” I yelled towards my son in law as they were pushing his bed down the hallway.

Cameron remained seated on the chair because Emmalee was sleeping on his shoulder. I dropped on the chair next to him once again after I found out that Trevor was in a car accident not far from here.

“What a night,” I sighed.

Cameron put his hand on my back for comfort and we waited again…

A/N: More pictures from Dakota’s pregnancy on my simstagram.

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