Chapter 4.27, Generation 4

Chapter 4.27


As soon as we brought Emmaliee home from the hospital, it felt like time started sprinting. She was already three months old. I saved all my vacation and sick days and added them to my family leave so I had four months to spend with my baby.

The first few weeks we had so many visitors coming to meet her, bringing food and gifts. I exchanged about a hundred pictures with Kyra who gave birth to her son Adam only one week after Emmalee was born.

My parents officially moved to Hillside and come over at least three times a week to spend time with their first grand baby. Mom loves every minute of it and even offered to babysit when I go back to work. Financially it will be a huge help because child care is very expensive plus I will feel better knowing, that my baby is with family, not strangers.

I was just breastfeeding when Trevor got home from work.

“Here are my beautiful girls,” he gently massaged my shoulders, “how was your day?”

“You’re pretty much looking at it, “I let out a small laugh. My days now consisted mainly of breastfeeding and changing diapers.

“Well, I have some news,” he took a seat on the chair across from me.

“Good news I hope?”

“Great news,” he nodded, “you know how I always wanted to open my own car repair shop?”


“I might have found a great space for it.”

“Wow,” I blinked fast, “so you want to start a business? Now?”

“Yea. I mean, why not? You’re going back to work next month, it’s the perfect time.”

“Right…” I exhaled.

Just the thought of going back to work and being without my daughter all day made me emotional. She will be with my mom but it will still be very hard leaving her.

“Do you want to see it?” he pulled his phone out from his pocket, “the rent isn’t bad and it’s not far from our house.”

“How about equipment? How can we afford it?”

“Well I would obviously have to take a loan to get started. I’m gonna go to the bank on Monday.”

“I don’t know, Trev. We already have the mortgage, I’m not sure another big loan is a good idea. It’s a big risk, starting a business.”

I saw his excitement die at that second, “you’re right. We should probably wait.”

He stood up and walked into our bedroom. I wanted to follow him, but I had a sleeping baby on my chest.

It broke my heart. Owning his own car shop was always Trevor’s dream. His father had one and he wanted to follow his footsteps. I knew what I had to do.

“Hi dad,” I kissed my father on the cheek, “where is mom?”


“Oh,” I put the car seat down on the coffee table and got comfortable on the couch, “I wanted to talk to you, anyway.”

“Sound serious, what is it?” he sat down next to me.

“I hate to do this, but…here goes,” I took a deep breath, “Trevor found this property he wants to rent for his business. He wants to finally open his own car shop.”

“That’s great.”

“The problem is, he will need capital to get started.”

“He needs money,” my father nodded his head in understanding.

“Yes. He wants to take a loan at a bank which makes me super nervous, because…”

“How much?” dad cut me off.

“We would pay you back, we can write a contract, whatever you want.”

“Honey, how much does he need?”

“I don’t know actually. The thing is, Trevor doesn’t know I’m here,” I bit my lip, “I don’t think he would ever ask you for money.”

Dad raised his eyebrows, “so what’s you plan exactly?”

“I don’t know. I guess I don’t have one. I just wanted to see if you are willing to lend us money and then figure out how to tell him.”

“Maybe don’t present is as a loan. Tell him I want to invest in his business. Which I do. He’s great at what he does and he should work for himself.”

“You are the best, dad,” I hugged him.

“Oh please,” he waved his hand in the air, “this will be good for me, too. I’m going crazy here without work. Maybe I can help him get started. He will need a lot of help with the administrative piece I can imagine.”

I smiled and nodded, but I was a little worried that Trevor will not want my father’s help. He can be very stubborn sometimes.

“Now, how’s my big girl doing?” dad switched from business voice into his grandpa voice and unbuckled Emmalee, put her in his lap and played with her.

I freaked out a little when my parents told us they’ll be moving to Hillside but the truth is, I couldn’t love it more. They are great grandparents and love to spend time with us.

They bought a big house on the beach, of course. It was smaller than the mansion they owned in Sierra, but still huge compared to our house. I couldn’t wait to spend summer afternoons here, hanging out on the beach or just by the pool.

While I was watching my dad play with Emmalee, I came up with the perfect way to surprise Trevor with the good news. My dad agreed and we started acting right away.

One week later I invited my parents over just like we planned. Mom will watch Emmalee and me and my dad will take Trevor for a little trip. He came home a few days ago and told me the property he wanted to rent was gone, someone already signed the lease.

“Where are we going?” he asked as we were driving through the city.

“It’s a surprise,” I said.

Couple minutes later, we stopped in front of a blue building. We all came out of the car and Trevor looked as confused as ever.

“Why are we here? I told you someone already rented it.”

“I know. You.”

“Me what?”

“You rented it,” I pulled the keys the owner gave me from my pocket and jingled them in the air.

“I don’t get it.”

My father stepped in and explained everything. He told him we rented the property for him to start his business. He offered him help since he invested in dozens of similar businesses and knows how it works and Trevor happily accepted.

They worked out a contract because Trevor didn’t want to accept the money as a gift so they agreed he would start paying my dad back as soon as the shop is profitable.

It took over two months to get the place opened but my husband was the happiest I’ve ever seen him. He looked so proud posing in front of his own car repair shop he decided to call ‘TREV’S AUTOMOTIVE’.

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