Chapter 4.26, Generation 4

Chapter 4.26


I couldn’t believe how fast the pregnancy was going by. After we found out we’re having a girl, we started working on the nursery. I was already seven months pregnant and I started to feel like we don’t have enough time to prepare for our daughter’s arrival.

Trevor painted the walls bright pink color that I picked after spending forty minutes in the paint isle picking and comparing shades of pink. He wouldn’t let me help, because he didn’t want me to breathe it it. He was already so protective of me and our little girl.

When the walls dried, it was time to assemble the crib.

“Locate the metal spring with tabs. Be sure the smooth side of the metal spring is placed upward,” I read the manual that came with it and Trevor was following the instructions, occasionally leaning over to look at the pictures.

I was lucky to marry a handy man who enjoyed working with his hands.

It took us over an hour but it was finally finished and I couldn’t wait to decorate the rest of the room, but I have wait a little longer for that.

The crib was the only thing we bought so far because the rest of baby stuff was on the registry for our baby shower. Just like I expected my parents decided to go big and rent a venue instead of doing it in our house with just them and few closest friends. They hired a photographer and invited almost everyone who was on our wedding.

“I can’t wait to bring her home,” I said when we were standing in the nursery together.

“Me neither,” Trevor nodded and then turned to my belly and used his baby voice, “mommy and daddy can’t wait to meet you, no we can’t.”

My parents arrived a week before the baby shower so they can spend some time with us and also finish planning and setting it up. We offered to pick them up at the airport but they refused and took a taxi instead. I couldn’t wait to show them our new house.

“Oh sweetie, look at you. You look so cute with the baby bump,” my mom said after entering the house looking stylish as always. Even though she lived in a part of the world where it never snows, she was wearing very pretty, and obviously expensive, winter coat and ankle boots.

I hugged her, “thank you. How was your flight?”

“And look at your house,” she kept admiring everything, ignoring my question, “it’s so cute. Isn’t it cute, Cam?”

My father nodded and came over to give me a hug and shake Trevor’s hand. His hair was all gray now and it made me realize how old my parents are getting. My father will be sixty next year and my mother the year after that.

“I’m so excited you get to finally see it, let me give you a little tour. Take off your coats.”

I showed them the house and the guest room where they will be staying and then prepared dinner for everyone while my parents were settling down in the guest room.

I made pasta with chicken and called everyone to the dining room.

“It’s delicious,” my mom complimented my cooking, “you must take over from your grandfather Dale. We all know you didn’t get it from me,” she added a laugh.

My grandfather owned a very successful and fancy restaurant back in Sierra and his second wife helped him run it. He was the chef there for the longest time before he finally decided to hire someone. My uncle Lucas is in charge now because he couldn’t sell it after Dale’s death. It was his legacy and he couldn’t just get rid of it.

“Your cooking is fine, honey,” my dad had her back as always.

“So when is the rest of the family coming?” I asked. I knew my aunt Carissa, uncle Lucas and his wife Sarah wouldn’t miss the baby shower. Unfortunately my friend Kyra won’t be able to make it since she is also pregnant and her doctor didn’t recommend she goes on a plane.

“They should arrive the day before and stay the whole weekend,” my mother answered. She was the head organizer, of course.

“Cool. Do you need help with the party at all? I can do something.”

“Oh no, sweetie. You just have to show up and both of you make sure you wear something pink,” she winked.

Trevor and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows. My husband wasn’t exactly a pink color type of guy. He worked with cars, his hands were always dirty so it was kind of funny imagining him wearing a pink shirt.

My parents spent the days before the baby shower running around the city shopping for decorations and other stuff for the baby shower. They did an amazing job decorating the venue.

There was a table by the door that was covered by gifts by the time Trevor and I arrived.

On a different table there was the cutest cake with a baby bottle in the middle, tons of balloons, cupcakes, cookies and a picture of our latest ultrasound.

Right next to it was a buffet table with four different entrees so our guest can pick one or try a bit of each.

The white tables were set with pink plates, pink napkins, trays of cupcakes in the middle and a big glass lemonade pitcher filled with blood orange lemonade.

When all guests arrived and were seated, Trevor made a short ‘welcome’ speech with me standing on his side.

“Hi everyone, we want to thank you all so much for coming today to celebrate our baby girl that will be joining us in the world pretty soon. Thank you Cameron and Hailey for putting this party together, everything looks great,” my parents nodded and smiled, “I also want to thank my beautiful wife who is carrying the little one for almost eight months now and I can only imagine how exhausting it must be for her,” he paused and kissed the side of the head,” please have a drink, eat some food and have fun!”

Everybody clapped and then did as he said. We had so much fun, we took a lot of pictures and before we knew it it was time to open the gifts.

We took a seat next to the table, Trevor was passing me the gifts that were small enough for me to open and he himself opened the ones that were heavy. I got a little emotional when reading some of the cards, especially the ones from Martha and my parents.

When the gifts were opened and food almost eaten, the guests started to leave. Trevor wanted to start loading the gifts into the car when my mom stopped him and wanted to talk to us. We all took a seat at one of the tables and everyone was quiet for a second.

“What’s going on?” I finally asked.

“Cam, do you want to tell them?” my mom asked my dad.

“No, you can tell them, I know you want to,” he said.

“Yea but if you want to be the one to tell them, you..”

I couldn’t stand it anymore so I raised my voice, “one of you say it already!”

“Ok, ok,” my mom said in an attempt to calm me down, “we found a house.”

“You found a house?” I asked confused and raised my eyebrows, “I didn’t know you are looking for one.”

“We found a house in Hillside, we decided to move here, to be close to you. Especially now when you are starting a family.”

“Wow,” I exhaled. I had mixed feelings. I loved my parents but I kind of liked living farther away.

“Aren’t you happy sweetheart?”

“Oh no, I am. That’s awesome, mom.”

Trevor noticed the tone of my voice was not completely convincing and squeezed my hand under the table for support, “it will be great having you close,” he said.

I spent the remaining weeks before the baby’s arrival nesting and decorating the nursery.

“So I just spoke to my mom and they officially sold the house in Sierra,” I said to Trevor when we were going to bed.

“Good…?” he said, not sure of what reaction I want from him.

“You know what, it is good. It will be nice that our daughter will have her grandparents close.”


“Even though, my mom can be a little pushy sometimes and she will probably have a lot to say about how we raise her.”

“Well, if that happens, you just have to be honest with her and tell her she has to respect our ways.”

“You’re right. Thank you, baby. You always make me feel better. Good night.”

“Good night,” he kissed me and we both slipped under the blanket.

But the night wasn’t good. I woke up couple hours later with an excruciating pain in my stomach. I sat up on the bed and woke Trevor up.

“Babe, wake up,” I breathed heavily, “I think she’s coming.”

Baby shower photos

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