Chapter 4.25, Generation 4

Chapter 4.25


It was a Friday afternoon and I was eating my lunch at work, when I overheard my coworker’s phone conversation.

“Do we have to do this?” … “I know, but he may grow out of it.” … “Fine, I’ll bring her to the shelter tonight.” … “Ok, bye.”

Harry took a set next to me and started unwrapping his sandwich, obviously frustrated.

“What’s going on, man.” I asked curiously. He was twice as old as me but we were getting along really well.

“Aaah,” he waved his hand in the air, “we have to give away our dog, because our new grandson is allergic to dog fur.”

“That stinks,” I took another bite of my sandwich, “can’t you find someone who’d take her instead of putting her into a shelter?”

“I wish, do you know somebody? She’s such a good dog.”

“Well…maybe,” I didn’t give this a lot of thought but, “I mean, we just bought a house. It would be nice to have a dog around.”

The work on our house took a little bit longer than what we were originally told but it was finally done and we moved in two weeks ago and Dakota spent all her free time decorating and ‘nesting’.

“Really? You’d take her?” Harry’s eyes lit up, “you’re a life saver, Trev. I will feel so much better knowing she has a home. Do you need to call Dakota and ask her?”

“No, it will be a surprise,” I smiled.

I picked Roxy up at Harry’s house, along with her favorite bed and toys, right after work and brought her home. I immediately fell in love with her. She was a one year old golden retriever. Very cute and disciplined.

Dakota wasn’t coming home for another hour so I decided to take a shower and set everything up for our fur baby.

“Good girl,” I petted her, “you wait here, daddy’s gonna take a shower.”

I was about done in the bathroom when I heard Dakota scream, “Trevoooor!”

I wrapped a towel around my waist and ran out into the bedroom, “what’s going on? Are you ok?”

“What’s going on? How about there is a freaking dog in my bed!”

“Oh. That’s Roxy. Surprise.” I spread my hands in the air in a ta-da gesture.

“What is she doing here? Tell me you’re watching her for someone,” she folded her arms on her chest.

“, I got her for us. Harry’s grandson is allergic to her and his wife babysits two days a week so they couldn’t keep her.”

“Do you realize we have a baby on the way, too? What if he or she is also allergic, what then? Hm?”

“Our baby is not going to be allergic to dogs, come on. Look at her, she’s a good dog and I will take care of her, I promise! Plus she’s one year old, she’s already potty trained. It’s a perfect. Give her a chance.”

Dakota left the room without a word but I knew she will get over it and eventually love Roxy.


I couldn’t believe he did this. Bringing home a dog without even discussing it with me. I knew Trevor can be impulsive sometimes, like when he bought a fifty years old car that’s sitting in our garage and will probably never see the light of day, but this was a living creature.

Later that night, the dog jumped up on the couch next to me, as I was scrolling through nursery ideas on my phone. She was sniffing me and eventually laid down, putting her head on my pregnant belly, looking me in the eyes.

“Oh my God,” I whispered to myself.

Trevor walked into the room and when he saw us in this position, his smile widened, “look who’s getting along already.”

“Babe I think she knows I’m pregnant. Look at her.”

“I take it you’re not mad at me anymore?” he joked and took a seat on the chair across from me.

“Well..I guess we were gonna get a dog eventually and she is cute. But next time you are about to make a decision like that, call me!”

“You got it.”

The following day I went over to Nora’s house to see little Caroline. Nora was already back at work from her maternity leave so I saw her every day, but I visited their precious daughter every weekend. She was changing so fast.

Nora took her out of her crib and listened to my complaints like a true friend while Caroline was comfortably in her arms, holding her toy elephant.

“So he brought home a dog, can you believe it?”

“Wow, that was a little reckless. You guys are about to have a baby.”

“Exactly what I told him,” I shook my head, “I mean the dog’s cute, hasn’t peed in the house or anything like that but it’s the last thing I need right now.”

“So what are you gonna do?”

“Ugh, nothing, I said I would give her a chance.”

“Well, you’re handling it better than I would,” she said and put her baby down on a play mat, so we can chat more comfortably on the love seat.

“What can I do,” I shrugged and changed the subject, “oh by the way, my parents are coming to town and they’re throwing us a baby shower, I hope you guys will make. I know you’re busy with this little one,” I nodded my head towards Caroline.

“Of course, when?”

“Next month, you’ll get an invite, I’m sure my mom will go all out on this,” I laughed.

She was beyond excited when I called her and gave her the big news and so was dad.

“Are you going to find out the gender before that?”

“We should know it two weeks if he or she shows us,” I smiled and mindlessly placed my hand on my stomach.

“Such an exciting time,” Nora spaced out, remembering the time when she was going through all this about a year ago, “and then there she is, growing up faster than weed in the garden. Can you believe she’s eight months already?”

“So what’s your final guess?” I asked Trevor as we were entering the hospital.

“Boy, duh.”

“You’re so sure,” I chuckled, “I think it’s a girl, I really do.”

“Well hopefully we’ll know today so we can stop fighting about this,” he kissed the side of my head.

“And paint the nursery, and start shopping for cute pink clothes..”

“Or blue..”

We took a seat in the waiting room and in a few minutes we were called in.

My doctor was a woman, because it made me more comfortable. She was a great support during my pregnancy and she assured me that she will do everything she can to be the one to deliver our baby when the time comes.

“How are you feeling, Dakota,” she asked and smiled.

“I feel good.”

“Very good, I’m sure you are anxious to find out the gender.”

“We are,” Trevor and I said in unison which made her laugh.

“Well last time we didn’t have much luck, let’s see what we can see today. Unbutton your shirt and lay down please.”

I did as she said, Trevor took a seat next to me and held onto my hand and we both stared at the monitor.

I felt the cold gel on my stomach and the doctor started to move the scanner around.

“Well, it’s a girl,” the doctor smiled at me because she knew that was my guess all along, “sorry Trevor.”

“We’re having a little baby girl,” I turned to my husband and then back to the monitor when doctor Swan started to talk and point on the screen, explaining how she was able to tell the gender.

It was incredible to see our daughter and when she let us listen to her heartbeat I could barely hold the tears.

After that, she wiped the gel from my stomach and checked my blood pressure, weight and all the usual.

We all moved over to sit and chat at her desk.

“So everything looks good. Your feet are a little swollen which I’m sure is uncomfortable but it’s absolutely normal at this stage of pregnancy. Just make sure you don’t wear tight shoes and you’ll be fine. Do you have any questions? Any at all?”

“I think we’re good.”

“Very good. We are done then. You two have a great day and I will see you in a month.”

“Thank you doctor Swan,” we both shook her hand.

We walked outside into a beautiful day. Even though it was early November, it was unusually warm winter so far. Trevor was wearing just a short sleeve t-shirt and I was comfortable in a button up shirt.

Trevor took my hand as we walked to our car.

I didn’t want to rub it in but I had to say it.

“I told you it’s a girl.”

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