Chapter 4.17, Generation 4

Chapter 4.17

A/N: This chapter contains nudity and sexual content. 18+

When they made love, Dakota felt a connection she never felt before. Everything they did, every kiss, every touch, every move was natural. She didn’t have to think about if it’s the right time, if it’s the right man. She enjoyed every second of it.

When it was over, they rested on the bed, looking into each others eyes, not saying a word.

Finally Trevor broke the silence, “that was….unexpected.”

Dakota chuckled, “I would say so.”

“Gosh I dreamed about this since I met you, Dakota.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I don’t know. I was with Leila and then you were with Nate. It just….wasn’t the right time.”

“I’m glad the right time finally came,” she smiled and rested her head on his chest.

She listened to his heartbeat. It was fast at first and then it started to slow down. It was so calming that Dakota started to fall asleep…

When Dean and Nora got home from the Halloween party around 3 am, they found the TV on, two almost empty bottles of wine and two glasses on the coffee table. They looked at each other with confused expression.

They noticed pieces of clothes on the floor and they followed the trail. When they found themselves standing in front of Trevor’s bedroom, they listened for a few seconds and slowly opened the door when they didn’t hear anything.

They didn’t expect what they found. Dakota and Trevor sleeping soundly together with no clothes on.

Nora wanted to scream with excitement but she didn’t want to wake them up so she just squeezed Dean from behind really tightly. He started to back up from the room and closed the door quietly before his girlfriend wakes them up.

“They are so cute together,” Nora whispered.

“It was about time,” Dean agreed, “now let’s take our clothes off, nurse Nora.”

Trevor and Dakota had no idea their late night fun was so quickly discovered by their closest friends.

When they woke up, Dakota realized she has nothing to wear, except for a towel she found in Trevor’s room.

“What if they’re up?” she asked worried.

“They are, I can hear them in the kitchen.”

“What are we going to do?”

“What do you mean? We’re going to tell them, Silly. I want to tell everyone,” he said happily and kissed her forehead, “I’m not lying about us. I’m too happy to do that.”

Dakota looked up into his eyes, and at that moment, she was feeling so much love for this man.

Since then, they were a couple. They felt like they were the happiest couple in the whole wide world.

They spent their first Christmas together. Dakota was absolutely loving winter in Hillside. She saw snow before, when she was a little girl and her parents took her skiing, but she was still taken away by the atmosphere it created during this magical time.

They started new year together and they knew this one is going to be their best one because they have each other now.

When Valentine’s Day came, they celebrated like any other couple but it was an important day for their friends.

Dean proposed to Nora and she said yes. Looks like there is going to be a wedding to attend…

On Sunday morning, the day after Valentine’s Day, Dakota made french toast and was eating breakfast with Trevor, when the newly engaged couple brought the big news.

The second the front door closed, Nora shouted, “we’re engaged!”

“What?! Oh my God,” Dakota was blabbering, “that’s amazing, Congratulations you two!”

They both got up to congratulate and hug their friends.

“Congrats bro,” Trevor said and hugged Dean.

“Let me see the ring,” Dakota grabbed Nora’s hand to have a close look, “it’s beautiful.”

Dean and Nora joined them for breakfast because they had more to say.

Dean started carefully, “so…there is something we wanted to talk to you guys about.”

Nora continued, “we don’t want to push you into anything, but…now that we’re engaged…we…”

“We’d like to live together,” Dean finished the sentence for her.

“Oh,” Trevor and Dakota exchanged a look.

The house was Dean’s and they were just renting rooms. They knew this situation will come but they didn’t think it would be so soon.

Does it mean they’ll both get an apartment? Are they going to move in together? Yes, they technically lived together now, but they still had their own room and paid their share of the rent. Are they ready to move into an apartment as a couple?

“You can have my apartment, the rent is pretty low and you can keep the furniture,” Nora suggested.

It was clear they already thought it through.

“Cool,” Dakota said, “we…we’ll think about it, right?” she turned to her boyfriend.

“Yea, yea…Right. We’ll let you know.”

“Sure, take your time,” Dean said and stood up, “we have to go. We have to tell my parents about the engagement. Thanks for breakfast, Dakota. It was delicious as always.”

Their two best friends left, leaving them alone so they can make this decision.

After a while of silence, Trevor put his hands on the table, his palms facing up, waiting for Dakota to hold them.

“So? Do you want to move in with me?” he smiled.

Dakota placed her hands into his and quietly nodded.


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