Chapter 3.19, Generation 3

Chapter 3.19

A/N: This chapter contains nudity and sexual content.

“Sorry, babe,” Dylan said when he got out of the cab, “I had to finish the game with my buddies.”

“You’re twenty minutes late, Dylan. I’ve been waiting out here like an idiot.”

“I know, I said I’m sorry.”

“Fine,” Dakota didn’t want to fight today.

“I knew you’d understand,” he leaned closer and kissed her.

She couldn’t stay mad at him, especially not today.

“So, what’s the big surprise?” Dylan said curiously.

“Why don’t you follow me upstairs and I’ll show you.”

Dakota walked through the house, up the stairs and into her bedroom. The room hasn’t changed since she was six years old. She barely spent any time there anyway.

Dylan quietly followed her. When they entered, he found a small box with a note on the bed.

“Open it, I’ll be right back,” Dakota said and disappeared in her bathroom right off her bedroom.

She was trying to figure out what would be the best gift for a long time and finally decided it’s time. They were dating long enough for her to know, that he’s the one, she wants to give her innocence to. Finally become a woman.

She undressed in her bathroom and waited for him to undress in her bedroom.

“Are you ready?” she peeked through the door.


Dakota stepped into the room and they stared at each others naked bodies for a while.

“You look….great,” Dylan said and started walking around the bed to meet her.

She was nervous because she knew he had way more experience than she did in this matter. Or so she thought. He seemed to be even more nervous and clumsy than her.

Dakota had to take the initiative and kiss him. They kissed and explored their bodies and eventually she opened the condom and after a little bit of struggle they managed to put it on.

He laid on top of her and penetrated her and started to move. It hurt for a little bit but the pain quickly went away. She started to enjoy the feeling, when…

…Dylan exhaled sharply and it was over.

That’s it? Dakota thought to herself but stayed quiet. Dylan always acted like a guy that was experienced and knew what to do with a girl but she was now convinced that it was the first time for him too.

“So? How was I?” he asked, clearly happy with his performance.

“You were…great, babe,” Dakota smiled and kissed him on his forehead.

He seemed satisfied with the answer and turned on the TV, “oh look, that’s my favorite show.”


“Morning,” Dakota said to her friend when she sat next to her on the way to school.

“Morning,” Martha said quietly. She hated fighting with her best friend, especially because of a boy, “how did it go last nigh?”

“I thought you think it’s stupid so why the sudden interest?”

“Look, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said it’s stupid. You obviously care about Dylan and I promise that from now on, I will support you. Even if it means I won’t see you as often as I was used to.”

“I’m sorry too. I’ve been a bad friend to you lately. Do you want to hang out after school?”

“That would be great,” Martha smiled, “and you can tell me all the details about last night.”

Both girls chuckled and exited the bus. They didn’t have any classes together that day so they met after school at Martha’s house.

“That’s it, I’ve been waiting all day. We can finish the homework later,” Martha put the pen down on the table.

“I’d rather finish now.”

“Come on, Dakota, you’re killing me.”

“Fine,” she finally said, “come here.”

The girls stood up and Dakota leaned closer to Martha’s ear so no one can hear her, “I think it was his fist time too. He finished in like ten seconds.”

“You’re kidding,” Martha burst into laughter and Dakota joined her.

“It was cute, though. Don’t tell anyone, Martha. Promise?”

“Of course I won’t. Now I want to hear all the details. How did it happen?”

The two friends spent the rest of the night chatting and watching their favorite TV shows. Just like old times.

Martha was glad to have her friend back. Even though she didn’t trust her boyfriend, she decided to let Dakota figure it out on her own. And maybe she was wrong, maybe he did love her and was a good guy, she just didn’t see it.


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A/N 2: As much as I love all characters from the beginning of my story, I recommend you start with generation four here since I didn’t have enough photos and experience with writing when I started this story. I plan on updating these chapters eventually 🙂

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