Chapter 3.14, Generation 3

Chapter 3.14

The rest of Hailey’s pregnancy was smooth without complications. Cameron knew he was still in trouble for leaving their party and making work a priority once again and he had to make it up to Hailey. Once they found out the gender of their baby, he immediately started working on the nursery.

He got and old fashioned rocking chair so she can rock their daughter to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night.

Hailey was exhausted from carrying the baby and also working full time in the city hall. She knew that if she left for just a month all the male politicians would be after her spot in the city council. She had to work very hard to get where she is as a woman and she wasn’t gonna make it easier for them by taking a lot of time off to have a baby.

She had many interviews with the best nannies and she knew her daughter will be in good hands with Sabrina. She was energetic and very experienced with newborns.

“Caaaaam, I think she’s coming!”


Dakota was born sixteen long and painful hours later and the new parents could bring her home the next day.

“How are my two favorite girls doing?” Cameron quietly entered the nursery.

“She fell asleep,” Hailey turned to her husband, “she’s so perfect.”

“Of course she is perfect. She came from you, honey.”

Hailey went back to work just two weeks after delivering their daughter. It was very hard to leave her baby but she had no choice if she wanted to keep her job.

Sabrina was taking a good care of her during the day and Hailey took over in the evenings and weekends.

Cameron tried to help as much as he could but he didn’t really know how to handle a little baby. It didn’t come naturally to him like it did to Hailey.

She had her baby close at all times when she wasn’t at work. She wanted to create the bond people talk about and since she wasn’t breastfeeding her since she was one month old hopefully being in her presence and cuddling a lot would do it.


“Can you believe our baby is turning two today?” Cameron held his wife’s head gently in his hands.

“No, I can’t, it’s crazy. Cam…I feel like we’re missing it. We are both working so much.”

“I know, babe, but…what do you want to do? Do you want to quit your job? Because, you can, you know I will support us.”

“Of course not. What would I do, hang out with other moms?” she laughed, “you know that’s not me. It’s fine, I’ll be fine. I just can’t believe how fast she’s growing up.”

Happy Birthday, Dakota!

A/N: As much as I love all characters from the beginning of my story, I recommend you start with generation four here since I didn’t have enough photos and experience with writing when I started this story. I plan on updating these chapters eventually 🙂

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