Chapter 3.11, Generation 3

Chapter 3.11

Hailey moved in shortly after their vacation. Both her and Cameron were busy with work. Being a member of the city council was harder than she thought but she loved every minute of it.

Cameron worked mostly from the comfort of his home. Hailey wasn’t really sure what it is exactly that he does and when she asked him he always kind of brushed her off. She worried that he is doing something dangerous or illegal since he sometimes had to leave in the middle of the night to ‘take care of something‘.

They made sure they made time for their friends and family but sometimes there was no time left for themselves and plans for their future.

Before they even realized it seven years passed since their engagement and it was then, when Hailey’s biological clock began to tick. She was thirty years old and her job just wasn’t enough for her anymore. She wanted a baby but before that, she wanted a wedding. The wedding she planned years ago but kept postponing it. It was time now.


“Attention, gentlemen,” Jimmy began his speech on Cameron’s bachelor party, “please raise your glass to my best friend and my former brother in law. He is getting married tomorrow to a girl he left my sister for, ” everyone got quiet, sensing a tension in his speech, “it’s ok, she’s a lesbian, so we can’t really blame him,” he continued and the crowd started to laugh,”I knew Cam since we were kids and we were here for each other every since. He had some hard times and he dealt with them his way, maybe not the best way, but that’s all in the past thanks to Hailey, who brought back my best friend, his father’s son and his brother’s brother. Here is to her,” hi lifted his glass in the air and took sip.

The crowd cheered and meanwhile, Jimmy pulled out a bottle of champagne from under the bar, shook it and aimed it on Cameron.

“You’re gonna regret that, buddy,” Cameron said trying to cover his face.

He waited for the right moment and when Jimmy was walking out of the restroom, he was ready with his own bottle of champagne. Fortunately for Jimmy, he planned ahead and brought a change of clothes.

“Joke’s on you,” he laughed when he showed up in a sweater and dry pants.

All the guys had a great time, including Cameron’s younger brother Lucas, who just turned thirteen. He wasn’t allowed to drink but it meant a lot to him being a part of this night.

“Ready for tomorrow?” Jimmy asked his friend.

“You have no idea. I thought I’d get cold feet, but it feels right. She is the woman I will get old with,” Cameron answered honestly.

“That’s good to hear, bud. You deserve some happiness.”

“It was a great party, Cameron, but me and Lucas are gonna take off now. I can’t party as I used to anymore,” Dale joked, “I’m an old man now.”

“You’re not old, dad, you look great.” he patted his shoulder, “I will see you tomorrow at the church then.”

“Good night, son.”

The rest of the crowd left shortly after and Cameron was glad they did. He had a wedding to attend tomorrow and he needed to be fresh, not hangover.

A/N: As much as I love all characters from the beginning of my story, I recommend you start with generation four here since I didn’t have enough photos and experience with writing when I started this story. I plan on updating these chapters eventually 🙂

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