Chapter 2.20, Generation 2

Chapter 2.20

A/N: Content in this chapter may be disturbing for some viewers.

Couple days later Dale walked into his daughter’s bedroom where his wife was laying on the bed in her night gown as she always did. She didn’t even change her clothes anymore and only left the bedroom to use the bathroom or get something to eat.

“Can we talk?” he started.

“Do you have another great doctor for me that’s gonna make me feel better?” she mocked him.

“I can’t live like this anymore, Becca. I’m leaving.”

Dale was hoping she would try to convince him to stay, that she would finally agree to get some help and put her life back together, but she didn’t do any of that. She just sat on the bed and let him walk away.


Becca was sitting on the bed all night with her heart broken again. She knew there was only one way out of all this. She couldn’t be hurting everyone around her anymore. This had to stop now.

She got up, took off her night gown, neatly folded it and placed it in the top drawer of the white dresser. As she was walking away, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the tall mirror and stared at her naked body for a few seconds. She could barely recognize herself.

What happened to you, she thought.

After she got dressed, she made Caitlin’s bed and walked outside.

She stopped on the beach in front of the house and stared at the ocean, listening to the the waves.

She felt so calm all of sudden. She knew in a minute everything will be alright and she will see her little girl again. 

She placed the pistol on her spine and thought about her loved ones for one last time before she pulled the trigger.

She was finally free of the never ending pain…

A/N: As much as I love all characters from the beginning of my story, I recommend you start with generation four here since I didn’t have enough photos and experience with writing when I started this story. I plan on updating these chapters eventually 🙂

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