Chapter 2.14, Generation 2

Chapter 2.14

“Thank you for having us over, what time is Barney getting home?”

“That’s a good question, they are really short staffed at the hospital so he often has to work double shifts,” Elena said and looked at the phone that started ringing in her pocket,” that’s him, one second.”

“He’s gonna be at least an hour late, of course. Take a seat, do you want some coffee?”

“Sure,” Dale and Becca said at the same time.

“Wanna race?” Cameron’s cousin Henry asked, “I have this new game, it’s awesome!”

Henry was three years older than Cameron but they were getting along really well and soon after the Coopers moved to Kensington, they became good friends.

He showed him all the bars and clubs in the city where you could get away with fake ID. Their cousin Daniel joined them most of the time but not always. Beata and Matt, his parents, wouldn’t allow him to go out out too often.

But when he was allowed or sneaked out, he made the best of it. It was his idea to invite some friends from school to the house, the Coopers bought, for a party. Dale, Becca and Caitlin went away for the weekend to a cabin in the mountains, and after a long discussion, Cameron finally convinced them that he can stay home alone for one night.

All the high school kids showed up and danced and partied like it was their last night on Earth. Cameron was just standing around at first. Most of the guys and girls were at least two years older than him.

“Nice house” the dark haired girl said sipping her drink, “Henry said you just moved here?”

“Yea, couple weeks ago”

“Cool, so you’ll be going to Kensington high?”

“Yea, probably.”

“Cool, cool.”

There was a moment of silence, Cameron didn’t know what to say. He didn’t have much experience in talking to girls. There was Julie, his best friend, but he knew her his whole life so that was completely different than talking to a girl he just met and was attracted to.

“Do you want to dance?” the girl broke the silence and put her drink down.

They were slow dancing and he didn’t even know how it happened, they were suddenly kissing. He never kissed a girl before and all he could think about the whole time was if he’s doing it right.

But his first kiss was cut short when he felt a hand on his shoulder and he got pulled aside by another person.

The guy was now yelling at Cameron’s new friend Rose something about whores and kissing every looser she sees.

Cameron got up from the ground and told Rose to go behind him. He didn’t want to fight but he was ready to if necessary.

“Get the hell out of my house before I kick your ass,” he yelled at the stranger, “if someone is a looser around here it’s you.”

“Chill out, bro. This is a lame party anyway.”

Turns out the boy was a coward and was only brave when yelling at a girl. When he was confronted by another guy he decided to leave without a fight.

Cameron and Rose were watching him leave.

“Thank you for standing up for me,” she said sweetly and grabbed his hands.

“No problem. What’s his deal?”

“Oh we had a thing like a million years ago and he still thinks I’m his girlfriend or something. I don’t know how many times I have to tell him it’s over.”

“I can imagine it’s hard to get over you,” Cameron started to feel a little bit more comfortable flirting with this girl after his ego was boosted by this whole incident from which he came out as a winner.

“Aw, aren’t you sweet. Now where were we?”

A/N: As much as I love all characters from the beginning of my story, I recommend you start with generation four here since I didn’t have enough photos and experience with writing when I started this story. I plan on updating these chapters eventually 🙂

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