Chapter 2.10, Generation 2

Chapter 2.10

“What a gorgeous night,” Becca said to her husband when they were having dinner at the beach restaurant he owned.

A lot has changed since their wedding. They bought a bigger house and they were both very busy with work.

Becca’s TV show made her famous and she now was in a position where she could choose what work she will or won’t do and Dale became a restaurant owner and that kept him more than busy as well.

“It will be nice to finally take some time off and visit my family,” she continued.

Even though she managed to fly back to Kensington at least once a year, it was always for just a few days, but this time her and Carissa were going for two weeks.

“Yes, I wish I could join you,” he turned to the waiter that was placing their plates on the table, “thank you, Eric.”

“Why can’t you? Everything seems to be running smoothly in here.” Becca looked around the terrace they were sitting on.

“I know, love. That’s because I am here. Once I hire someone I can trust and Cameron is a little older, we will all go for at least a month. Or even longer if you want.”

“Alright,” his wife said and took a bite of her salmon, “this is delicious by the way.”

“Of course it is, it’s my recipe.”


“Carie, we’re leaving, get your backpack,” Becca yelled before she entered the room where her children were playing with blocks. She stretched her arms towards her son, “come say bye to mommy.”

She walked into the kitchen carrying her son and placed him carefully in the high chair.

“Are you sure you two are gonna be alright?’ she asked her husband who was preparing lunch for the baby.

“Honey we’ve done it before, we’ll be fine.”

“Ok, call Martha if you need help, she knows I’ll be gone and she doesn’t mind some extra hours.”

Dale nodded. He kissed his wife and his adoptive daughter goodbye, “have fun girls.”

“Bye daddy,” Carissa waved.



“Look at the view, mom,” Carissa said when she and her mom were standing on the balcony of the apartment Becca rented for the time they were staying. They could have stayed at her parents house but she preferred staying on her own.

“I know, it’s beautiful. Now who wants pizza.”

“Meee,” Carissa ran into the kitchen and put a slice of hot pizza on her plate, “what should we watch tonight? I know, I know. Let’s watch the movie you are in, mom, the one where you play the woman with lasers.”

“Wow, you are so good, mom. I hope I will be famous too one day. I want to be a famous singer.” Carissa said after the movie ended.

“I’m sure you will be, honey, you have a beautiful voice,” Becca smiled at her daughter, “let’s go to bed now. We are going to see auntie Beata and cousin Billy tomorrow. I’ll read you a story.”


Becca was trying to spend as much time as she can with all her siblings and, of course, her parents. She always wanted Carissa to have a connection with her family, even though they lived far away.

“Can you believe how big the kids are?” Becca threw her arms in the air in disbelieve.

“Don’t even start,” her sister shook her head, “Billy is going to first grade after summer, where did the time go.”

Carissa was almost eleven now. Soon she will be a teenager and that worried Becca a little bit because she was so much like her. She had an idea of what’s coming and how Carissa’s puberty will be like. She already had a boyfriend as she calls her friend Roy. And last thing Becca wanted for her girl is she makes the same mistake as she did when she was young. Of course she wouldn’t change anything, this whole teen pregnancy thing made her stronger and gave her an amazing daughter, but it wasn’t easy and she hoped Carissa will wait a little longer before she starts with adult activities.

“Come in,” Beata yelled when the door bell rang, “it must be Barney.”

Barney walked through the door and hugged his sister. “Welcome home, Becca.”

“Thank you, where is Elena?”

“She’s still at work. They’re super busy over the summer.”

“Aw, that’s too bad. Is she gonna make it to the party this weekend? I haven’t seen her once since I got here.”

“She wouldn’t miss it.”

Becca was throwing a party to say goodbye to everyone once again. The apartment building where she was renting had a pool the tenants can reserve for events.

“Dana!” Becca jumped up from the lounge chair when she saw her best friend and now also a sister in law. Brandon and Dana got married and were trying to conceive for quite some time but were unsuccessful. Their doctor recommended a romantic vacation so they spent the past two weeks in Sunlit Tides and almost missed Becca’s and Carissa’s visit in Kensington.

“You look good girl, how do you do it? Are you sure you have two kids?” Dana looked her over.

“Oh, shut up. Tell me how it went? Do you think there’s going to be baby Brandon or baby Dana soon?”

“If not, it won’t be for lack of trying if you know what I mean.” she winked.

“Hey, little brother,” Becca teased her twin brother.

“How many times do I have to tell you I’m five minutes older.”

“Until we die.” she poked his rib.

When it got chilly outside the whole family including the kids moved inside for movies and video games.

Eventually the party came to an end and so did the vacation. Time to go home…

A/N: As much as I love all characters from the beginning of my story, I recommend you start with generation four here since I didn’t have enough photos and experience with writing when I started this story. I plan on updating these chapters eventually 🙂

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