Chapter 2.06, Generation 2

Chapter 2.06

“Where is Carie?” Becca said walking through the room pretending she doesn’t see her daughter hiding in a toy box.

They were finally living on their own. Few weeks after she came back from Sierra, she found a cute little house for rent, perfect for her and Carissa.

“There she is!”

She picked her up from the box and carried her to her crib. “We have a big day tomorrow, you are going to meet mommy’s good friend.”


Next morning, after breakfast, Becca and Carissa were looking at a picture book, but Becca was only half way there. She was anxious to see Dale after almost three months apart.

Finally her phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hi babe. I just got out of the airport. The Uber app says i should be at your house in twenty five minutes.”

“I’ll wait for you outside. I’m a little nervous about Carie.” she’s been a little fussy since she woke up.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’ll see you in a bit. Love you.”

“See you in a bit.”

She felt like a teenager again. They spoke on the phone almost every night but nothing compares to an actual human contact. She felt butterflies in her stomach.

After a looong welcome kiss Becca finally said, “ready to meet her?”

“As ready as I’m going to be. I really hope she likes me.” Dale said nervously and followed her up the stair.

Becca picked Carissa up from the floor where she was playing with blocks and walked to Dale who was just standing around. “Say hi to Dale Carie, he’s mommy’s very good friend.”

“Hi Carie,” Dale said in a funny voice and made a silly face, “you playing with blocks?”

Carissa nodded shyly and pointed her little finger towards the pile of colorful blocks, “towa.”

“Oh, you’re building a tower? Can I help?”

Becca put her back on the floor and they all built the tallest tower Carissa’s ever seen.

“I can’t believe you’re actually here,” Becca said excited, “let’s take a picture”

“Me neither, I almost forgot how beautiful you are,” he kissed her on the cheek.

“So how is the house hunting going? Did you see anything you’d consider?”

“Not yet, the agent keeps showing me houses that nobody touched for at least 60 years or tiny houses with like two bedrooms. We need at least four bedrooms. One for Carie, one for us, one for our future baby and we definitely need a guest room for when your parents or other family comes to visit.”

“You really thought about it, didn’t you,” she laughed, but she was falling even more in love with him knowing he thinks about their future like this.

They only new each other a little over four months but they knew pretty much everything about each other. There is nothing they left out during their long late night conversations.

“Well, that was a success I would say,” Becca said quietly after she put Carissa down to bed, “she fell asleep right away.”

“Does it mean I can have you for myself for the rest of the night?” he leaned closer and kissed her gently on her neck, “we have a lot of catching up to do.”

A/N: As much as I love all characters from the beginning of my story, I recommend you start with generation four here since I didn’t have enough photos and experience with writing when I started this story. I plan on updating these chapters eventually 🙂

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