Chapter 1.08, Generation 1

Chapter 1.08

“Good morning, Cupcake” Adam said to Beata on the way from the bedroom.

“Morning, dad.”

“What are you doing up so early?”

Beata loved cooking since she was little and got her first toy stove. Now that she was old enough to use a regular stove she pretty much took over cooking for the whole family.

“Just making pancakes, want some?”

“Do you have to ask?” he laughed and took a seat on one of the bar stools.

“I’m surprised the twins aren’t up yet.” she said and flipped the pancake.

Today was the youngest twins birthday. They were looking forward for this day for a long time.

Brandon wanted a fishing equipment so Barney promised to take him to the lake and show him how to fish.

Becca was hoping she would finally get a cell phone so she can text all her friends who already have a phone.

“Me too, I heard them giggle in their room til 11 pm. They are so excited.”

After breakfast Adam went to pick up the cakes and they had a little family party. Barney and Becca got the gifts they were hoping for and more. After everyone had a piece of cake Adeline pulled out photo albums from the time all the kids were little and the whole family was forced to look at every single one of them.



Barny kept his promise and took Brandon fishing. It became a tradition and they went at least one Sunday a month very early morning. Lippo loved going fishing with them even though he was getting really old and slow. He was now sixteen which is quite unusual for a dog his size.

“So did you finally make a move on Dana?” Barney asked as they were standing by the lake holding fishing poles.

“No,” Brendon answered sadly “I really don’t think she likes me and I’d never hear the end of it from Becca. They’re like best friends now.”

“Oh, you know Becca, she will talk about it for two days and then finds something new to freak out about.” they both laughed at their sister. She was a little drama queen but they both loved her very much.

“I don’t even know when to talk to her. They’re always together. At school, at our house..They’re like twins”

“I’m sure you’ll have a chance at some point” Barney said and patted his shoulder friendly.

They became really close and Brandon shared a lot with his older brother. They had the same interests and very similar personalities. Now that Barney moved out to live with Elena he was really glad they still get to hang out.

“Alright buddy, I’ll see you soon.” Barney said when he was dropping Brandon home.

“See ya” Brandon said and was about to shut the door when Barney leaned over.

“By the way,” he paused “Mom and dad are taking the twins to look at colleges next weekend. Might be your chance to impress your lady with a party. I won’t tell.” he winked.

“Pretty sure Becca’s already on it. She wouldn’t miss an opportunity like this.” they laughed and said goodbye.


“So,” Becca started, “my parents will be away next weekend so we have to have a party at my house! It will be epic!”

“Oh my god, you’re kidding! Good thing Peter got us the fake IDs so we can get some booze.” Dana said excitingly “Are you gonna invite him?”

“Duh,” she took a sip of her drink “now let’s go dance.”

These two loved a party more than anything. They were only fifteen but looked way more mature. Unfortunately only physically….

Would there be consequences?

A/N: As much as I love all characters from the beginning of my story, I recommend you start with generation four here since I didn’t have enough photos and experience with writing when I started this story. I plan on updating these chapters eventually 🙂

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