Chapter 1.06, Generation 1

Chapter 1.06

*AN: this chapter contains nudity

“ and Elena are dating now, huh?” Adam started the uncomfortable conversation with his oldest son.

“Yea, and?” Barney replied seemingly clueless but knowing exactly where he was going with it.

“Well I think it’s time we have a little talk about, you know, you two potentially, um, having sex.”

Barney rolled his eyes “Dad, there’s really no need, I’m seventeen. I know everything I need to know.”

“Look. Nobody wants to have this talk. The reason I’m doing it is because your mother asked me to. She asked me because she loves you and I love your mother more than anything and I’d do anything for her. Just make sure that you treat Elena with the same respect me and your mom treat each other. I hope we set a good example for all of you kids. I trust you and I know you are a smart boy. So just be careful and you know you can come to if you have any questions.” Adam summed it up and walked away.

Barney was just sitting at the dining table looking at his hands in his lap. How did he know we talked about doing it for the first time..

Later that night

“How did it go with Barney?” Adeline asked.

“He’s a good kid, I’m not worried about him.” he said “I just can’t believe we have to go through this five more times.”

Both of them started laughing. After all these years they still made each other laugh. Adam reached his hand and hugged Adeline, kissing her gently on her forehead.

If only they knew how early is that talk going to be necessary. This time it would be Adeline’s job.

Barbara met her boyfriend Luke in the art club she signed up for couple of months ago. Painting was her passion. She couldn’t imagine doing anything else in the future. She was determined to became professional painter. She has already sold few of her pieces to the local gallery.

Her twin brother Benjamin had totally different interests. His nose was in a book all the time. And when he wasn’t reading a book he was staring on the computer screen researching science studies.

He wasn’t very social guy, he was rather awkward in the company of other teenagers. That is why he was hesitant when Elena asked him if he could tutor her younger sister Ruby because she was close to failing a chemistry class.

“Thank you so much Ben, I’ll tell her to come over tomorrow at six.” Elena said and turned to her boyfriend and leaned closer so Ben couldn’t hear. “That means she won’t be home tomorrow night and my parents have dinner with my grandma…” she winked.

00“Thank you for making dinner, this is great.” Barney complimented Elena’s cooking.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just spaghetti and alfredo sauce from a jar.”

“Well I still think it’s pretty awesome. I think you are pretty awesome, El.” he looked at her lovingly.

When they finished they walked into Elena’s room she shared with Ruby. That’s why she was so excited when Ben agreed to tutor her sister. It meant she and Barney would have the house for themselves for a few hours…

Even tho they just ate dinner they were still hungry. Hungry for each other. They talked about it so many times in their texts over the last year but there was just never the right place and time. Now it was finally here. They were actually gonna do it.

Barney grabbed her and kissed her gently first. Then their kisses became deeper and deeper. He took off her sweater and his hands started to wander underneath her shirt. Elena sighed pleasantly. Before they knew it they were both naked and Barney laid Elena slowly on her bed. This is it he thought, suddenly extremely nervous.

He started to kiss her neck, moving down to her shoulder and then lower and lower. Elena was running her fingers over his back. The touch was electric for him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked with a raspy voice.

“I love you”she said.

And that was all he needed to hear….

A/N: As much as I love all characters from the beginning of my story, I recommend you start with generation four here since I didn’t have enough photos and experience with writing when I started this story. I plan on updating these chapters eventually 🙂

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