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Summerset – custom world

I’ve decided to share some of my builds with you so you can see the worlds I’m playing my legacy in. You probably noticed my sims move and travel to different cities throughout the story so the “BUILDS” section will be a place for me to share some pictures with you.

I’m gonna start with a world you haven’t seen in my story yet. It’s a world my generation six lives in – Summerset.

The bridge connecting both parts of the city – West and East Summerset

West Summerset

Wedding boutique

Best sub shop in the city

Summerset Hospital

Summerset Hospital – heliport

Summerset Hospital – waiting room

Summerset Hospital – nurse station

Summerset Hospital – nursery

Gillette Stadium – come watch the game!

Need a car? Summerset Auto Gallery is the place to start.

TD Bank

Market Basket 1

Market Basket 2

Market Basket 3

Buying a house or looking for an apartment? Visit a local real estate office!

Music festival venue

Music festival venue – food stands

Olive Garden – Italian restaurant

The Tower – best roof top restaurant in West Summerset.

The Tower – interior

The Tower – interior

Public swimming pool

Public swimming pool

Summerset Fire Department

Summerset Fire Department

Summerset Police Station

Showcase Theater

Showcase Theater

Showcase Theater

Showcase Theater

Summerset Public Highschool

Summerset Public Highschool – classroom

Summerset Public Highschool – hallway

Summerset Elementary School

Summerset Elementary School – gathering room

Summerset Community Collage

Summerset Community Collage – swimming pool

Summerset Community Collage – library

Beach bar

Lookout tower with a view of the whole city

Camp Inn Resort

Camp Inn Resort – set your own tent area

Camp Inn Resort – rent a cabin area

Camp Inn Resort – pool and bar

Camp Inn Resort – lobby/dining

Lake beach – perfect for high school and collage parties

Cabin by the lake

Let me know what you think about this city and if you’d like to see more detailed pictures of certain buildings or interiors of my houses!

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